Let's learn why pandas are endagerend

about a panda

a panda is black and is fluffy,soft and kind.pandas are cuddy but sadly people are knocking their home,puttingthem in danger.there are olny 1,ooo-100 giant pandas left.



Pandas eat bamboo,fruit and insect.They can eat about 20-30 kilogramas a day.The pandas have to eat that so they can survive.They aslo have to keep warm too.

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pandas are found in china.they live in the south west of china.In china there is forest and the pandas live there.Giant Pandas,can aslo be found northwestern provinces Gansu and Shaanxi.

why is it endangered

humans are hunting pandas for they fur and destory they homes to build homes and factories.

Panda Babies

Pandas usually give birth between 95

and 106 days.

Giant panda bear babies usually stay with their mothers anywhere from one and a half years to three years.

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Giant Pandas are solitary animals, they spend their lives alone, except during mating seasons or when females rear their young. Giant Pandas live in well defined territories.

How can we help pandas

Your support will help us fight to protect Pandas and other threatened and endangered wildlife.