Plate Tectonics!!

About everything you need to know about plate tectonics.

What is it and How does it affect us?

The study of how the Earth’s crust is shaped by geological forces. Mainly relies on the understanding that the crust is divided into plates that sit on molten interior of the plan.Plate tectonics affect the climate change because when the plates are moving they cause more volcanic eruptions, which puts Co2 into the air , which causes global temperatures to rise.

It All Started as One.

The world started at as super-continent! Then the plate tectonics started moved each continent further away from each other to the spots were they are today! As we speak right now, the plate tectonics are moving right now, little by little.

Three Different Types of Plate Tectonics

Future Impact

What will happen to the world!!!

Over the next 50 million years some of the future impacts that research has shown are the following ( not yet proven):

  • California will separate from the rest of North America.
  • Italian "boot" will disappear.
  • Australia and Asia will be linked together
  • Africa will separate from North East.

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