New Sovereign State, Hyrule

Your Own Creativeness Will Benefit You!

What is it?

Hyrule is a sovereign state with a Free-Market economy and republic government. It was founded on the same ideals as the U.S.A. except it was founded out of distaste for the current state and "corruption" of the U.S.A.'s government. With 72,962.5 square miles of land, with up to 43,000 total square miles available for purchase. Fertile soil, access to large reserves of raw materials including oil and a high demand for nearly all job markets.

Why immigrate?

Why immigrate?

Having a free-market economy allows for freedom of work, from farming to Biomedical engineering, all people can choose how they would like to make a living. However, the government is partially involved, should any one industry, business, etc. be falling behind the government will donate 20% of taxpayers dollars. The only industry that will not be supported is the entertainment/film industry. With a Republic government citizens are involved in electing political figures, with the government power distributed between the 3 branches of government (Similar to the United States). The biggest difference between us and the U.S.A. is that violation of the constitution results in immediate removal from office. The Executive branch decides whether or not all other parts of the government are in violation of the constitution, except for when a member of the executive branch is in question, the power then falls to the judicial branch.

Approved by: The Hylian Government

This advertisement was made by the people of Hyrule and has been approved by all 3 branches of government, the final pass being from the Executive branch.