6th Grade Newsletter

March 2017


We have reached the 4th quarter! It is hard to believe how quickly this year has gone by. The growths and gains we have seen have been tremendous. We are very proud of the progress all students have made.

With summer quickly approaching, it is very important to stay focused and continue to give full effort in all things. Please remember to bring a charged Chromebook to school every day.

Spring Break

If your student is going to be absent for any of the days before or after spring break, please let the office know so that teachers can plan accordingly.

RISE Celebration

We will be having our RISE Celebration on April 6th. Be sure to ask your student all about, and follow Webster on Facebook, or @MrJuzwikWTS, @WTSPrincipal or @Mr_Skipper_WTS on Twitter to see photos and videos from the day.

Students of the Month

Math (Blank, Steinike, Timm)

We will continue to make connections to ratios with the use of percents and learning how to find percent of a number. In addition to this we will use ratios to convert measurements.
Our focus is on geometry, specifically surface area and volume of shapes.

Communication Arts (Juzwik, Rosado, Vanden Berg)

In Communication Arts we will begin studying the genre of mystery. We are exploring different books that are available to read through book talks, and students will choose a book to read independently. Students will write short stories that include characteristics of the mystery genre throughout the unit, as well as continue to construct argumentative literary responses.

Ask your student to see their feature articles, and for them to show you their classes work on the websites. The work they did was absolutely fantastic.

Science (Hermsen and Skipper)

Students have started a new unit of study on water contamination. During the unit, students will try and solve a water contamination problem of a fake town called Fruitvale. Topics that come up in the simulation are: water cycle, permeability, plumes, point/nonpoint sources and much more.

Social Studies (Skipper and Klotz)

Students are concluding the studies of Africa with a current event presentation. The presentation is due next week.

Students will begin studying Latin America next week. Parents will see physical map work to learn about how the geography of Latin America influences the ways & lives of the people.

Forward Exam Testing

Tuesday, April 25th, 7:30am

W75 N624 Wauwatosa Road

Cedarburg, WI

We will be taking the Forward Exam April 25th! It is incredibly important that students show up with a charged Chromebook and headphones. Get a good night of sleep the night before.