Welcome to Week 3!

English Composition 122

We are already nearing the halfway point. Can you believe it? You’re already done with your pre-writing exercises. Now it’s time to sit down and write an academic argument draft. I’m looking for some well-developed rough drafts this week so I can give you plenty of helpful feedback and instruction on revision. Be sure to print out your outline and keep it nearby. You should refer to your outline and annotated bibliography frequently as you write your rough draft. They will be your co-pilots!

Writing the Paper

As you know, we are working on one project for five weeks as outlined in the ENG122 Course Guide. We have already begun our preliminary research. As you begin writing your draft, you may find some research gaps. If that’s the case, be sure to head back to the library to get more evidence to support your claims. Research can bleed into every step of the process, even our three remaining steps:

1. Rough Draft

2. Revision

3. Final Draft

The Rough Draft

This week we are focused on the rough draft. If you took your time and created a solid annotated bibliography and outline, the draft should be pretty straight-forward. You should be able to follow your outline as you begin to write, referring to your annotated bibliography to locate your research notes. I will review your outlines as quickly as possible and will provide you with feedback to assist you in your drafting process. Remember, students are expected to retrieve instructor feedback from the gradebook and must use feedback to improve their future assignments. If you have any difficulty accessing your feedback and returned marked-up paper, contact tech support right away. As I mentioned repeatedly over the last two weeks, you should be backing up all of your work each week. You can use a thumb drive, email your work to yourself, or utilize a free cloud-based service like Google Drive to back up all of your papers.

Your rough draft has to show a lot of effort but it does not have to be perfect. You’ll have a full two weeks for revision. Your draft will be graded primarily on effort and will be returned to you with a lot of feedback. An “A” on the rough draft does not mean an automatic “A” on the final draft. Your final draft papers must show a lot of revision and improvement. Keep this in mind as we move forward in class.

Week Three Time Management Checklist

Here is a day-by-day checklist to help you plan ahead and set aside study hours. I encourage you to do a portion of the work as soon as you can to ensure all assignments are submitted by their due dates.


Read Week 3 Instructor Guidance and view the Introductory Video for Week 3

Begin your reading assignments, listed in the “Resources” section of the overview page

Continue research and add to your annotated bibliography if needed


Continue readings and review multimedia and supplemental resources

Begin responding to discussions

Revise your outline if it needs more organization or clarity


Both of your initial discussion posts are due

Begin responding to peers in discussions

Review the Ashford Writing Center APA Guides again

Begin working on your assignment: Research Paper Rough Draft


Read all classmates’ initial posts in discussions

Attempt Week 3 quiz (you have three attempts for each quiz)

Review discussion grades and feedback in the gradebook

Continue working on your rough draft


Respond to classmates and instructor in discussions

Continue working on your rough draft

Re-take quiz if needed/wanted

Review Week 3 course materials to clear up confusion and find answers


Review assignment grades and feedback in the gradebook

Week 3 Quiz is due

Utilize instructor feedback to complete and proofread your outline

Week 3 Assignment: Research Paper Rough Draft is due

Wrap up discussions; this is the last day to post in Week 3