CIES Wednesday Envelope

for Elementary Staff--September 30th, 2015

In This Issue:

  • Guidelines for Supporting Students Who are Pulled Out of Classroom Instruction for Gifted Education Services
  • Optional Reading Intervention Training for Teachers and ESPs
  • Carol Dweck revisits the "Growth Mindset"
  • Think Central now functional on iPads
  • 2015 Promising Practices Reports

Guidelines for Supporting Students Who are Pulled Out of Classroom Instruction for Gifted Education Services

In order to ensure that all students have the confidence, courage and competence to achieve their dreams, contribute to community and engage in a lifetime of learning, guidelines were developed for teachers in regards to students who are high achievers and/or receive gifted education services. The purpose of this document is to address the needs of our high potential students as well as support all teachers working with them.



(Please consider their needs, as you would any students needing accommodations)

  • Classroom material missed should not become additional homework
  • Let students show mastery in other ways-- observation, conversation, etc.
  • Avoid recess for make-ups if at all possible
  • Use pre-test data to decrease # of problems assigned
  • Collaborate with GE teacher to support necessary instruction for work missed
  • Whenever possible, avoid scheduling parties or other fun activities during GE times

COMPACTING Best practice suggests that units are pre-tested and content is compacted for students who demonstrate mastery of outcomes. New Learning = Growth

INCREASE THE RIGOR NOT THE AMOUNT Students should not be given more work because they finish faster. Assigning fewer problems to students who have mastered the skills has actually been shown to increase student scores.

QUALITY VS QUANTITY (Use accelerated pace when appropriate) The purpose of the cluster model is for students to be with like ability peers so as a group, they can move at an accelerated pace and work on more challenging projects/assignments that will allow them to experience new learning and growth.

More info:

We acknowledge that students with high potential come with a variety of needs and few children are gifted in all areas. We know that teaching to different ability levels is as important as it is challenging, so you are encouraged to collaborate with your GE teacher. Working collaboratively, these guidelines can be implemented and together we can help each student succeed and achieve their dreams.

Optional Training for Teachers and ESPs on Research Based Reading Interventions

Oct. 20th 7:15-8:45 AM or 4:15-5:45 PM for kindergarten and 1st grade Reading Interventions including LLI, Word Building, Letter Sound Correspondence, Great Leaps and other interventions.

Oct. 28th 7:15-8:45 AM or 4:15-5:45 PM for 2nd and 3rd grade Reading Interventions including Early Success, Syllasearch, Repeated Reading and other interventions.

Oct. 29th 7:15-8:45 AM or 4:15-5:45 PM for 4th and 5th grade Reading Interventions including Soar to Success, Syllasearch, any other interventions.

Participants will be time-carded for hours outside of their regular work day. Please register in KeepCertified.

Carol Dweck Revisits the 'Growth Mindset'

By Carol Dweck Education Week Sept. 22, 2015

....So a few years back, I published my book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success to share these discoveries with educators. And many educators have applied the mindset principles in spectacular ways with tremendously gratifying results. This is wonderful, and the good word continues to spread. But as we've watched the growth mindset become more popular, we've become much wiser about how to implement it. This learning-the common pitfalls, the misunderstandings, and what to do about them-is what I'd like to share with you, so that we can maximize the benefits for our students.

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Think Central on iPads

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has worked with Puffin Academy to have Think Central added to their list of sites. Both students and teachers can access Think Central on an iPad by following these steps:

  1. Download the Puffin Academy app from Self Service.
  2. Click on Mathematics and find the blue Think Central icon.
  3. Click "Launch".
  4. Enter the state, district, school information (click remember me).

All Think Central items including textbook access, Mega Math and Soar to Success Math will now be fully functional. Invite your SDAS to a team meeting to find ways to incorporate these digital tools into your classroom.

2015 Promising Practices Reports

What are some of the teacher practices that contribute most to student growth, gap reduction and positive student perceptions in Osseo Area Schools? Fortunately, we have answers to this question. Three times in the past five years, staff in Research, Assessment and Accountability (RAA) and Curriculum, Instruction and Educational Standards (CIES) have partnered to identify and interview grade level and department teams that have seen the highest student growth in the district. In 2015, we also interviewed teams that had the most positive student perceptions of teaching, learning and respect in our most recent Stakeholder Survey. You can check out an overview report, a rubric tool, and a series of reports on the Promising Practices section of the Data and Assessment site on (district login required).