Job of the Overseer

Marie Stanley (Annabelle)) 3rd period Mr. Toot

The Job as an Overseer

The overseers on the plantations were the white humans hired by the master and they watched over the slaves as they were working. They were very intimidating and all of the slaves were terrified of them. The overseer would abuse them, so they worked hard and quietly. . This is the main reason why slaves were so frightened by them. Overseers were the slaves only incentive to work. The overseers were fearless when it came to punishment and struck whenever the situation even slightly demanded it. .Some slaves tried to rebel against working by talking back to the overseers so the overseers would often punish slaves for anything. Overseers were the cruel men who watched of the slaves and punished them.

Why this job was sickening

The job of an overseer was sickening, it was because the overseer was pleased to abuse the slaves. Somehow they found a sickening enjoyment of beating and abusing the slaves with a whip and words. The overseers where often nagging and treating the slaves terribly, this was smiled apon when they got the slaves to work harder. This also got the overseer paid more, to be mean and a bully. That was their way of getting the slaves to do work faster and harder.


The purpose of being a overseer was to be the pastor of the pastors and watch over the slaves. Watching them work, watching and making sure they are doing their right job. The purpose of being an overseer was to make sure the slaves stayed in line and never acted holier then thou. The overseer was the step in master and was made sure to abuse those who didn't listen and to mind the ones who did.
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