Give a New Schedule a Try

What new Schedule?

Instead of having the same 7 classes all year long, there would be 4 classes one semester and then 4 different classes the second semester. For example, for the first semester you would have your sport (if you play one, if not then another elective), then a foreign language class, math, and English. Then for your second semester you would take the rest of the classes that you haven't. So if you play a sport then you would still be playing that sport (if not then another elective, then history, another elective, and science.

Who Else has this Schedule?

Lewisville and Flower Mound are also using this schedule and many people, there think it's very strange to have the same 7 classes all year. And they think it's more beneficial for their learning.

Don't be afraid to speak up, you have a choice!

Bell Schedule

Here is an example of what our bell schedule would look like of we used this schedule.