Mining and Resources

Zircon - An Aussie Owned Mineral

What actually is Zircon?

Zircon is a mineral, it consists of silicate of zirconium. It appears in a grey, brownish square prisms, it can also be transparent. These are used for gems.

Zircon, also known as Zirconia,is used for laboratory crucibles that an withstand heat shock and, for furnace linings and also refractory materials used in glass and ceramics.

Opinions of Extraction:

Everyone is untitled to a opinion. But some can be more important than others. The Government is in charge of our economy and our wellbeing. If it goes downhill our nation could be in a lot of trouble. Lets see what some opinions are.

The Conservationists:

A British Conservationist, he agrees that mining Zircon can't harm the environment in anyway, but he believes that Zircon contains helium and that helium can therefore be dated to the day when it was created, which can also lead to when the Earth was created. He states mining and trading should be banned because it is a valuable resource that could prove a scientific breakthrough.

The Resource Company - Zircon Industry Association Australia:

This industries believes that the extraction of Zircon cause no harm and because it is a renewable resource it can last for longer than a lifetime. They say, without Zircon, space crafts and engines would be quiet hard to be made because there parts are made out of some Zircon compounds. They state, 'Without Zircon, the industry of travel and space technology would not exist and we would find it hard to look at our space system and how it works.'

The Federal Australian Government:

The Australian Government, agrees that the extraction of Zircon is what is helping the economy stay very reliable and keeping the trade market reliable for other industries, such as Asia and England. The Government has noticed the increasing rise of the economy because of its mining industries, from Uranium to salt. This is so good that they are going to keep mining for a long time to come as Zircon is a renewable resource.

Advances In Technology, Positive and Negative Effects and Personal Decision:

Mining For Coal and Gas Around Agricultural Land

We now have an advance of extracting Coal and Gas from drilling large holes and having a lot more infrastructure to keep this system sustainable. There are some bad and some good things about Mining for coal and gas near agriculture and farm land.

Some good things are:

- It is a cheap sustainable resource

- It supplies a a lot of incomes for workers

- It doesn't always have to be imported

Some bad things include:

- It carries natural toxic poisons which can cause workers to be exploited and harmed

- It produces too much CO2 in the atmosphere which can cause damage to Earth, Us and Everything that lives.

- It can harm precious agricultural land which can be used for really good produce, such as animal meat and also fresh fruit and vegetables.

Overall , I believe that Coal Mining is a resource to keep and sustain. It ruins peoples health and the Earth. It harms all things living. It can kill. Coal is not a safe energy resource.