Anything But Typical

Nora Raleigh Baskin

Summary of Anything But Typical

Jason Blake is a 12-year-old boy with mental autism. Many people misunderstand Jason because sometimes he does weird and awkward things. Despite his autism, he is a amazing writer. He also has a hard time accepting who he is, until he meets a girl with screen name Phoenix Bird (real name Rebecca) on his writing website She enjoys Jason's story writing very much, but she doesn't know about his autism.

Jason and Rebecca are going to meet for the first time at the Storyboard convention. Jason is terrified that Rebecca will not see him for who he is and see him for his autism. Rebecca accepts him for who he is, even with his autism, and they become great friends.

Anything But Typical has a Schneider Family Book Award.


Jason, Rebecca, Jeremy, Mom, Dad, Aunt Carol, Uncle Bobby, Little Bobby, Seth, Bennu, Aaron Miller, Mrs.Hawthorne.
autism is a disorder that appears at age three that decreases the ability to make a normal relationship and communicate with others.