A stunning country by-Ethan W 6th Period

An overview of Laos

Laos is an amazing country located in the middle of the Malay peninsula. Many geographic features and modern features help make this country visually stunning. Laos is a Buddhist country with many beautiful temples that are awesome to explore. Many of Laos' people remain to their religion and become Buddhist monks. We hope you can find peace and meditate in our beautiful geography. The government now has allowed full tourism and Laos is a super place to come! If you have more modern tastes you can come visit our capital of Vientiane and look at our amazing architecture and rich history! You can also see our Buddhist roots while you stare at the magnificence of Haw Phra Kaew. We hope that you enjoy our country and will help bring more people to Laos, "Simply Beautiful".

Laos, "Simply Beautiful"

Geography and Climate of Laos

Laos is landlocked and is located at the middle of the Malay peninsula. It covers 236,800 square kilometers. The west of the country is mostly dominated my the Mekong river, a beautiful stretch of water that is great to go boating on. The Mekong is so important to us that the white disc on our flag symbolizes a full moon over the blue Mekong. Another important feature in Laos' geography is Phou Bia. Phou Bia is the largest mountain in Laos. It is located in a remote jungle in southern Laos. One interesting fact is that in 1970 an airplane crashed into the side of the mountain. Laos is dominated with mountains around Phou Bia. As shown in the picture below there are a lot of small mountains. Laos mountains remind me very much as Phoenix in which every where all you could see was distant mountains in the background. Laos' climate is almost the same as all of southeast Asia. Their climate is a tropical monsoon. The wind can be gusting like crazy but they will still maintain the temperature of a tropical climate.

Laos' People and Culture

Laotian cuisine is very different than their fellow peers in southeast Asia. Laos most famous food item is Larb. Larb is a spicy mixture of marinated meat or fish that is sometimes raw with a combination of herbs, green, and spices. Laos is also the world's largest producer of sticky rice. Rice is one of Laos' staple crops. Rice accounts for over 80% of Laos' agricultural production.Laos was the world leader in rice consumption last year.

The population of Laos in 2011 was 6,288,037 a big increase from 1995 when the population was only 4,795,000. Part of this change has been the amount of babies born. In UN estimates the lives births per year have almost doubled while deaths per year have only increased by 2,000.

Laos is full of many different ethnic groups. In 1995 Laos recognized 149 different ethnic groups. 55% of people in Laos are from the Lao ethnic group. Khmu is the second largest ethnic group at 11%. Hmong is third at 8% and Vietnamese is fourth at 2%.


Laos is a communist state. It has been communist since 1975. The Lao's people democratic republic officially has 16 provinces and 1 capital Vientiane. They got their independence on July 19, 1949 from France. They have a executive, legislative, and judicial branches in their government. They have a president. Their current leader is THONGSING Thammavong. They have elections every five years.

Economy of Laos

Under communism in the early stages Laos' economy was failing and many people of the country were in poverty. Many are still today but the economy is getting better and with more tourism the economy would really rise! Laos just opened their first stock exchange two years ago and many investors jumped right in on Laos. With all these changes Laos is looking to become a more open economy!