Fourth Grade

News Update

Whats happening?

We have had a busy few weeks here in fourth grade! So many different things have been happening!

- We celebrated Veteran's Day!

- On Wednesday, one of Blue Man drummers came to Sipley and performed for the kids!

- Report cards went home on Friday and we also experimented with gum!

- Thursday, November 20th the entire school is getting a reward for good behavior! We will be watching a movie in the gym with 5th and 6th grade!

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Mrs. Maris and Miss Labadessa


As many of you know, this year we will be taking the PARCC test near the end of the year. This test is quite different than ISATs, as it is taken completely on the computer. We are taking the practice tests in school this week and we encourage you to take a look to see what is expected of them. We also encourage you to work on the practice tests with your child. It will help you and your child get acquainted with the test.

Here is the link for the PARCC practice test site:

You will have to click on 4th grade. On this site you will see a practice test for Math and ELA/Literacy.


What are we doing this week?

Math: Unit 2 is underway! We hope you area all practicing your math facts everyday!

Targets: I can use the four operations to solve real world problems.

Reading: We are currently working on comparing and contrasting and moving on to the theme of Friendship!

Target: I can compare and contrast between two or more items.

Writing: We are starting Unit 2. We will be learning about writing Opinion/Argument essays.

Target: I can use the Boxes and Bullets strategy to write personal and persuasive essays.

Science: We are starting science for quarter 2. Unit 1 is about the Kingdoms of Life. We will discuss cell structure of plants and animals.

Target: I can identify the differences between plant and animal cells.



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Contact us:

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, Nov. 24th, 3pm to Tuesday, Nov. 25th, 3:30pm

John L Sipley Elementary School, Woodridge, IL, United States

Woodridge, IL

Please remember to sign up for conferences! We want to see everyone there!

11/24 - 3:00pm-8:00pm

11/25 - 11:00am-4pm

Family Reading Night

Thursday, Nov. 20th, 7-8pm


Make sure you come dressed as your favorite book character!

This is also a family event. All students must attend with an adult.

Teachers will be performing some of your favorite stories.