Third Grade News!

Week of April 11


Bruno Mars - Count On Me by amreyesch

Dear Crozet Familes and Friends,

Happy Spring! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather! It would have probably been nice over Spring Break, too! We are off to a great start this quarter. With less than 40 days left,we are trying to make the most of every moment.

During this time of the year students start to get a little more emotional, sensitive and irritable with each other. We are working hard to respect each other and give each other a little space when we need it, and visiting Mrs. Joyner as often as needed. We could also use your help going over the Kelso strategies learned last year, at home. Below is Kelso strategy chart that we have in our room and on the playground to help us problem solve. Thanks!

We have a big field trip coming up next Friday! Third Grade will be going to Monticello, the home of our Third president to learn more about his life and contributions. We will explore his home, gardens, cemetary, independencies and the new reconstruction of Mulberry row. A few special treats will be viewing a movie on Monticello in the new theater, and having a picnic with all of our friends on the grounds. All students should be dressed to suit the weather, because we will be going rain or shine. Students will also need a packed lunch next Friday. Please let me know if you need help packing one!

School pictures are still being collected. If you plan on purchasing the bundle of pictures, please send in your payment ASAP or return the pictures. Thank you!

Next week the Math story problem we've been having for Math homework will turn into a mixed SOL review sheet. This week will are filling the sheet out as a class, next week it will be assigned for homework. There will be 4 questions each night and it will be due on Fridays! If you have any questions please let me know!

Have a great rest of your week.


Kelso Strategies to help with Problem Solving

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Writing positive parodies in Guidance

I love this example written by Harper, I just wish I knew the tune... :)
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To get ready for Monticello next week, we will be using "Monticello Explorer" to explore the life of Thomas Jefferson and tour his house virtually. Check out the link above to get a sneak peak of what we will be seeing on our field trip! We will also have a few students building Monticello on Minecraft as close to scale as possible using the real dimensions. I have a feeling I'll be learning a few things!

This week in Math...

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Did you know that a glass frog has clear skin and you can see its' organs?

In Reading, we are learning so much about two student-chosen nonfiction topics, rainforest frogs and snakes. It all started with reading the nonfiction books "Flashy Fantastic Rainforest Frogs" and "Snakes" and doing research to answer our clarifying questions. Giving students a choice in what subject and questions they looked up opened up the doors to SO much information! We filled out a KWL chart to show what we Knew, Wanted to know and Learned about the many types of rainforest frogs and snakes.
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Becoming Botanists!

This week students are learning everything about producers! Each student has chosen a producer (plant) to study and will find out the scientific name, stages of its life cycle, uses of the plant, interesting facts, and sprout the seed if we can get ahold of it!

Claytor Kids' Germination Station

While learning about producers, we will be watching a variety of seeds germinate in our classroom window. Right now students are geminating lettuce, green beans, red runner beans, sunflower seeds and blue corn. Micah and Chloe are also trying to germinate dogwood tree seeds found in our courtyard to go with their Plant Project. So cool!
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A Community Calendar

This week we started a calendar for students to add their events to; games, plays, recitals, etc, so that we can all stay connected outside of school. If you don't mind it being public news, please send in any schedule you have of your childs' Spring/Summer activities! I am already hearing about a few baseball games and I can't wait to start stopping by the ball field on weekends and after school!
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It's time to buy school supplies?

We know it’s only April, but our online school supply store is open for business! You can pre-order next year’s supplies right now for 2016/17. All you have to do is visit 1st Day School Supplies kits are the exact school supplies your teachers requested and are approved by the school. It is more cost effective than Amazon and supplies are delivered directly to your child’s classroom! Buying your child’s school supplies online will also help raise money to provide school supply kits for students who are unable to purchase them. Deadline is June 30th!

Glow RUN!

Get ready to run! Our annual Glow Run will be held on Friday, May 20th. We're excited to offer both individual and family registration this year. The event is open to ALL CRES students, their families and community members. Hope to see you there! Visit to register today - Register before April 22nd for Early Bird prices and to be guaranteed a t-shirt!

Save These Dates!

Week of April 11- 15 National Library Week and National Volunteer Week,
Thank you for all that you do to support our school community !!
April 15- Purple Up to support Military Families (Wear Your Purple to School) on FRIDAY!
April 22- Earth day/ Third grade field trip to Monticello

April 29- Drama Club presents The Lion King, 1:15 pm and 6:30pm