Bryan robles

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is when you have a secret life. You may want to have a secret life when you want to go to a different place than your home, but you don't want other people to know who you really are. You may want to bunbury to get away from your home. You may want to travel to other states without other people really knowing who you are. Also you may want to bunbury to be free from responsibilities. Bunburying can be used for all sorts of things. The goal is to have a double life without letting either side know about the other.


Steps to bunbury are to get a fake ID, get another wallet with a different picture of you, get a P.O box, buy different cloths, make a fake name, always have a different credit card or use cash, don't mention people from the opposite side. Then try not to go too far from your house and don't go to the same place twice but with both of your identities. Always have an excuse for not being around when friends and family ask. Also don't go near your family. Just relax and have fun and don't get arrested because then both sides will know what you've been doing


In order to bunbury you have to be prepared. In order to be prepared you have to get your own P.O box to reduce the risk of other people knowing that you have a double life, get a fake ID, buy and use different cloths, always have money or use a different credit card, learn to use both names, get a different phone, have ready an excuse for missing for extended time or getting caught bunburying.


Many people think that this is the hardest part but really it's the easiest. When you bunbury it is important to stay away from your current friends and family because they known you for a longtime so they can recognize you even with your disguise. Wear your different cloths and get your mail daily to be caught up in both of your double lives. Also don't say you real name and learn to use both of your names. Don't get into trouble with the law for any reason for it can end your bunburying days. You really don't have a limit to how far you can go but you don't really want to go to the other side of the country. Stop worrying about getting caught and have some fun.

Cover Up

This part of bunburying is all about the excuse you use if people ask where or what you been doing lately. If this happens then tell them something reasonable like you left town to see an old friend or that you had a doctor's appointment all day. Next put all the cloths you used and wash and hide them, then try to hide the evidence and make it look like you never left you house.

Possible promblems

Some Possible problems are that a neighbor sees you and alerts your family, friends, or wife. Another is that you get drunk and you tell you family about your secret life. Also is that you accidentally use the wrong credit card with the wrong person, or that you get recognized by your family. Bigger problems are that you get arrested and your family has to come and bail you out, or that your wife sees you with your friends somewhere and throws a fit.

Precautionary Solutions

Precautionary solutions are to have different colors for your credit cards, you can still drink but don't get drunk. Also is that you make sure your neighbors aren't around or outside when you are about to leave you house to go bunbury. Don't go to places where you think your family and friends might be and spot you. Don't push your luck just because you have a secret life doesn't mean you can't get arrested. The most important rule is that you don't tell anyone.