Sweeny Blueprint

Week of February 8th

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Weekly Release-February 12

On February 12, our teams will meet together in the library for a whole faculty share out. Please be prepared as we did last time to have one spokesperson to share the following:

1. Give an example of how your team has become better at working collaboratively and taking collective responsibility for student learning rather than working in isolation.

2. What is the biggest achievement celebration for your team? Why do you think this has been such a success for your students?

3. What is an area of focus for your students and what strategies have you discussed as a team to achieve your goal?


Kindergarten 2:50

First Grade 3:00

Second Grade 3:10

Third Grade 3:20

Fourth Grade 3:30

Fifth Grade 3:40

Friendship Parties!

Please take a picture or two of your class party and send to Mr. Lockmiller for the Sweeny Facebook Page.

K-1 Parties: 12-1

2-3 Parties: 1-2

4-5 Parties: 1:30-2:30

A Week at a Glance

Announcement Helpers: Mrs. Anita Brown's Class

Monday, February 8th: Sweeny Spirit Wear Day; 9:15 Jump Rope for Heart Assembly

Tuesday, February 9th: 8:30 SPED Staffing (Conference room); 10 a.m. Beth and Chris Weekly Meeting; Grade Card Window Closes

Wednesday, February 10th: 8:45 SIT Staffing; Papa John's Night, Weekly Agendas Due; Interviews at CO for openings for 16-17 school year (Beth, Julie B. and Alissa out)

Thursday, February 11th: 5th grade Discovery Center Outreach Program; Beth out all day

Friday, February 12th: Friendship Parties, Grade Cards Go Home; Weekly Release (whole faculty share out)

February Quote of the Month

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Together is better...thank you for keeping our spaces clean and organized!

February- Please remember to check your assigned area each day...thank you!

Sweeny Diner/Staff Lounge-First Grade


Literacy Library-Kindergarten

Sweeny Elementary-Beth Engelhart Principal & Chris Lockmiller Asst. Principal

At Sweeny Elementary, we are committed to empowering our students and school community to see their full potential and use their gifts for the collective good of the school.