Buehrer Buzz

Weekly Newsletter

Highlights of the week

  • Donuts for Dads was lots of fun!
  • The students did a really great job with our "at" word family this week. Please ask them to tell you some words or better yet have them read some to you. Some examples are hat, sat, rat, bat, etc.
  • The students had fun working on wish lists for the book fair.
  • They did a terrific job writing T's in handwriting.
  • Mr. Buehrer came and talked to the class about small and big problems. Please ask your child to give you some details.
  • Our field trip to the fire station was a huge success!

Next Week

  • Phonics is a review week of all the letters and word families we've learned.
  • We'll learn about past, present, and future in social studies.
  • We'll review recognizing numbers 0-10 and practice writing numbers 0-10.
  • We'll review and assess first quarter sight words.
  • We'll discuss fine tuning sentences. Making sure there is a capital at the beginning, spaces in between words, punctuation at the end.

Keeping you informed

  • 1st quarter ends Oct. 19.
  • Personal history puzzle piece project is due Oct. 24.
  • Homecoming parade is Friday, Oct. 21. Students are welcome to walk in the parade with other Monclova students and staff.
  • Marco's pizza night is Wednesday. Please be sure to tell the name of your teacher so we can maybe win a pizza party!
  • Fundraiser pickup is Thursday.
  • Look for an e-mail next week to sign up for Fall conferences.
  • Thank you to the parents who bought a book for our class at the book fair.
  • Skills to be working on: Sight words, letter sounds, first sound correct when asked to spell a word, spacing between words when writing, use sight words to have your child practice writing sentences at home, count objects to 20, recognize numbers 0-10, and recognize and draw shapes.