Friday "ROAR"

Friday, August 19, 2016

What Really Matters?

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A Word from the Principal

Teachers thank you for a great week! You have done a great job of setting expectations and reviewing procedures with your students. Please be sure you are planning accordingly to arrive at related arts and pick up from related arts on time. There is no time in between pick-up and drop off so please be on time. Please also be on time for lunch to ensure a smooth flow. We are working through dismissal procedures. Please make sure your students are ready to leave when their mode of transportation is announced. We will monitor and adjust throughout the week if necessary.

Question of the Week: What are the things that stand between you and complete happiness?


Please be mindful of the outside temperatures and heat indexes for the next several weeks. Please allow students to stay hydrated and drink enough water when they return in the building. Please also make sure you are actively supervising students while at recess. Safety is our top priority!

Textbook Information- IMPORTANT!!

  • We will begin checking all math and ELA books out to our students next week.

  • Science and SS are consumable workbooks. If a student moves, please make sure you hold on to their workbooks so we can let a new student use them.

  • Please make sure all books (not workbooks) are ready to be scanned out. Ready means that Mr. Thorne can get to them easily and he will know who to check them out to even if you aren’t there. :) You can stack them on student desks or in cubbies. Just make sure the students’ names are already in them or you have a post-it note on top of the stack of books so we can assign them to the correct student.

  • Do not allow students to write their names in books. An adult needs to do it with pen and both first and last names need to be recorded.

  • If you need more of any books, please check with your team members first because some students were “no shows” and there may be extra books in your team members’ room.

  • If you still need books please use the TEXTBOOK REQUEST LINK HERE:

Classroom Ambassador Tags

Ms. Donaldson is making replacements for anyone who needs one. Please email her if you need a replacement. Each class should have two. Help your ambassadors learn how to greet guests.
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Techie of the Week

This Week's Techie of the week is Courtney Nelson! Students currently do not have devices, but in this picture her class got their wiggles out using GoNoodle: Zumba. She chose to do this after a team activity that required them to COLLABORATE and COMMUNICATE as they brainstormed a Class Name and voted. Two of our 4'Cs. Way to go Ms. Nelson's Class #TEAMNELSON. Also, Mrs. Carrie Murray receives honorable mention. She was able to "teach" Mrs. Porter how to print in color on the copiers! When you see Mrs. Murray in the hallway, be sure to give a thumbs up!

Cookie Dough Information

As cookie dough orders come in, please turn them in to the front office. The sales will go on for 2 weeks.

Lunch Alert- Please Read

Teachers, please refrain from heating students' lunches up in the microwave. We know that some parents have asked about this and for liability reasons, we should not heat students lunches up. If, for example, the food was heated up too hot and a student burns their tongue, we would be liable. So for safety and as a precaution, please do not heat students lunches in the microwave. If you have parents who are concerned about this, please ask them to contact your grade level administrator. Thank you in advance for adhering to this procedure.

Refrigerators and Microwaves

If you have a refrigerator or microwave in your classroom for personal use, please make sure they are covered up so that they are not visible or accessible to students. Thank you.

Interested in Ordering a Killian Logo polo shirt?

If you are interested in ordering a Killian logo polo shirt, please click here. Adult sizes are available.

Emergency Preparedness

We will have our first fire drill soon. Please be sure to review emergency evacuation procedures with your students. All classrooms received an emergency folder with a red, yellow, and green sheet of paper as well as a pink information sheet and white sheet. Please make sure you add a roster to the folder. Emergency folders are to go with teachers when evacuating the building. Please read over the crisis response plan in the Shared Folder under "Needs to Know" under “Crisis Response Plan 2016-2017.” if you are unsure. You can also ask a colleague.

Weekly Progress Reports

I put them in your mailboxes on Thursday. Please send these home each Thursday with all graded work. Remember, THURSDAY IS OUR COMMUNICATION DAY.

We hope that this strategy will help parents to return things more quickly and avoid the tendency for things to get lost over the weekend.

Friday Funny!

Just for laughs! Click Here.. It will surely make you giggle!