vote for the columbian exchange

by Michael may

Why You Should Vote For The Columbian Exchange

I think you should vote for the columbian exchange because the USA wouldn't be the same we probably wouldn't do very good because they still would have to do hard labor since they wouldn't have horses yes we probably get a couple of diseases but it's worth it we wouldn't have cows,sheep,or pigs also we needed the pigs because they were basicly the main thing people ate because pigs populated faster than any of the other animals. By seven years the pig population was at three hundred in the United states and things were good yes they now had rats even though they didn't won't them but the rats basicly stalled away in the ship and wen't into the new world.These are all good reasons for you to vote FOR the columbian exchange yes there might be a couple bad reasons we shouldn't vote for it but there are so many good things that we have now and used to have because of the columbian exchange this is the reasons why we should vote for the columbian exchange.
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