By: Chelsey Olson


Croatia joined the European Union in July 1, 2013. Our country was not a founding country of the EU. Our country was part of Yugoslavia before Yugoslavia broke up into 6 countries. Croatia, Slovenia , Bosnia and Herezgovina , Serbia , Montenegro and Macedonia.

Croatias flag

The flag has 3 colors and a coat of arms in the middle. The blue means vigilance , truth , and loyalty. The red means bravery and power . The white means peace and honesty.
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Croatian capital and 4 major cities

Croatias capital is Zagreb. Zagreb is northwest of Sisak. 4 major cities in Croatia is Split , Rijeka , Osijek , and Sisak.

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Places you should visit in Croatia

You should visit Split , Croatia. Split has a unique setting with the dramatic coastal mountains. The mountains act as a perfect back drop to the turquoise see through beautiful waters of the Adriatic Sea. Summer weather that is perfect for a vacation and relax on the beach. You can also visit and walk through Dioceltains palace. Dioceltain was a Roman emperor from 284 to 305.
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Zagreb is a mixture of straight-laced Austro-Hungarian architecture.This small metropolis is made for strolling the streets, drinking coffee in the permanently full cafes, popping into museums and galleries, and enjoying the theatres, concerts and cinema. It’s a year-round outdoor city: in spring and summer everyone scurries to Jarun Lake in the southwest to swim or sail, or dance the night away at lakeside discos, while in autumn and winter Zagrebians go skiing at Mt Medvednica (only a tram ride away) or hiking in nearby Samobor.

Croatias Geography

The majority of Croatian mountains belong to the Dinaric Alps (which extend from the border of Slovenia to Montenegro). The Croatian coast is located between the Dinaric Alps to the east and the Adriatic Sea to the west and has 1,100 miles (1,800 km) of coastline. One of the striking characteristics of the Croatian coast is that it has a total of 1,244 islands, islets, rocks and reefs.


The currency is called kuna. They have paper money and coins that represent dollars to.

3 fun facts

1. Croatia is the homeland of dalmations

2. The money of Croatia is named kuna after trappers trading the fur of a rat.

3. Croatia invented the neck tie .