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America overcharging?

yup they sure are. you ask what they are overcharging for? well its something everyone needs as they get older. if you guessed right then its health insurance. while other countries such as great Britain and France give their citizens free health insurance, while as here in america we charge a needless amount of money just so people could survive from life threading disease, with expensive drugs.

Get this!

like above america charges for healthcare while the UK give it to their citizens free healthcare. below is a graph showing the rankings of 11 nations and their healthcare rated from the highest to the lowest.
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but wait there's more!

In america even though you might be in your elderly age, you will still have to work to pay for your healthcare. there are people in there 70's years of age that have to work in jobs that they are a little to old for in order to pay for their medication.

In conclusion

"sicko" is used to show how current the US. really is. considering the fact that we are one of the only countries to charge for our healthcare, yet people still die, we have one of he highest infant death rate. all the united states is in for is profit, they don't care about the citizens health they just want to make another dollar or saving another life.

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