Randy Orton

a biography by: meredith wegener

Basic Information

  • He was born on April 1,1980
  • He was born in Knoxville, Texas, United States
  • His wife is Samantha Speno and he has 1 child.
  • He started in the military, then he went to WWE.
  • His full name is Randall Keith Orton.
  • He is still alive and is 35 years old


  • Randy's grandfather,father, and uncle all wrestled.
  • His father is Bob Orton Jr.
  • His mother is Elain Orton.
  • His grand father was Bob Orton Sr.
  • He called his uncle Uncle Berry.

As a kid

As a kid, Randy wrestled in an amateur league. Later on, Randy wrestled of Hazel Wood Central High School.He made it all the way to the Danny Hodge World Championship.

United States Marines Corps

His mom and dad didn't want him to wrestle.He took their advice , and after he graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps. He spent one year in the Marines. He got kicked out because he went AWOL twice and disobeyed a direct order. He spent 38 days in military jail at Camp Pendeton because of that.
Randy Orton vs. Cesaro: Raw, April 13, 2015
Randy Orton vs. Big Show: SmackDown, April 2, 2015
Randy Orton defies The Authority: Raw, October 27, 2014

Fun Facts

  • He is known for his signature pose.
  • He was the youngest champion in the history of WWE
  • Randy is one of the very few third generation wrestlers
  • His finishing maneuver is the RVO
  • His pro wrestling debut was in 2000


He works at WWE as a pro wrestler.He entertians the people.

Randy's effect

His effect is positive.He intertians people. He is a role model to people and also inspires people to wrestle.

Why I picked him

I picked him because he is a cool,strong role model.He is strong because he takes risks , and succeeds with the challenges. He is interesting because he never gives up.I would describe him as brave,cool, and strong.What I learned new about Randy is that his full name is Randall Keith Orton.

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