Earth travel guide

Whats great about Earth

3 way we region the Earth

The climate zones ,The time zones and the hemipheres

Well come to earth travel guide

Earth is a planet mostly covered by water some solids the organics call continents

one continent that is none for a pile of rocks called mounteverest


it is a great place to go camping and hiking make sure to bring a sleeping bag and

some match is an fire wood to keep worm

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Dress worm or suffer from the cold and you mite end up like green shoes!

or other hikers ho died from the cold.

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The mountain has a great view warning some deadly drops so be careful wear you step.

when climbing watch out for mountain lions .

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Stay on the path!!!

Make sure you stay on the path or you'll be sorry you will need a ranger to come to

the rescue you won,t want that.

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Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

A body of water that the organics that live there hold dear.
A great spot to go fishing and to go boating
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Fun things to do

Used for swimming and diving also the island looks fun.
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getting around,fishing


Lake Mi is a nice place to go on vacation and to take a brake.
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Grand Canyon

It took years to forum

It is located in Texas

Its in a desert

nice veiw

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Fun things to do

rock climbing,photography,hang gliding
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Hard to find water,Bad for farming,Bad hunting,good for finding bones