Team Mountain West

Cross Timbers Intermediate School, April 16, 2015

STAAR Testing is Next Week!


STAAR testing is next week. Math is Tuesday, the 21st. Reading is Wednesday, the 22nd.

Below are some tips to allow your child to be as successful as s/he can be:

  1. REST!! -- Please have your child in bed at a decent hour. It is imperative that children have a good nights rest before the test.
  2. BREAKFAST!! -- Please make sure your child has a good breakfast with protein and complex carbohydrates on the days of the test. (McDonald's of Greater North Texas is providing a wholesome breakfast FREE on April 21st. You have to GO IN TO the restaurant. They will not honor FREE breakfast in the drive thru.)
  3. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! Mr. Roos and Ms. Miller have websites on which students can practice in their sections of this newsletter.
  4. Word of encouragement are always great!
  5. Tell your student you love him/her, you believe in him/her, and good luck! They have been well prepared.


All students will have four (4) hours to complete each test. Each student needs to bring a book or two to read if s/he finishes early. Students will NOT be allowed to talk, write, or draw. If a student finishes early, s/he is ONLY permitted to read a book.

This week in Mr. Roos' Math Class

Mr. Roos – Math

We have been practicing and preparing for the Math STAAR test.

Online Math Practice! and

These are excellent sites for additional math practice and tutoring. Students have their usernames and passwords in their spirals!

For a quick view of think through math watch this student welcome video-

This Week in Mrs. Johnson's Science Class

The CTIS Garden is planted, watered, and growing. Thank you for all your donations of time, money, and gift cards! We invite parents to come by and see the garden!

This Week in Ms. Miller's Language Arts Class

For the past few weeks, we have been reviewing skills needed to be successful on the Reading STAAR. We have been completing STAAR practice passages twice per week and have been re-teaching in small groups those skills students were showing a deficit.

Ask your child about the 20 Days of STAAR contest and ask them how s/he is doing!

More practice? Istation or Moby Max. Students should know their logins and passwords!

For the 5th six weeks, bookmarks will be counted as extra credit.

Students will have weekly vocabulary homework til the bitter end! :)

This Week in Mrs. McCase's Social Studies Class

This week the students are beginning the study of ASIA. We will be going through Asia country by country. Ask your student what country we studied today!

Reminder to Parents

  • Friday, April 17th ends the fifth six weeks. Report cards will go home next Thursday.
  • School isn't over yet! We still have seven (7) more weeks. Please encourage your child to stay focused and make good behavior choices to ensure a successful end of year.
  • Supplies! Teachers are out of supplies to give students. Please make sure your student has a pencil every day and notebook paper. We are taking tissue donations! Allergy season is here and we are out of tissues!

Teacher & School Contacts

* Website:

* Cross Timbers IS School: 817-299-3640

* Email Addresses for Team Mountain West:

Important Dates

April 21 -- Math STAAR

April 22 -- Reading STAAR

April 24 -- Wolf Mart

April 29 -- Sandy Lake Band Competition

April 30-May 1 -- Lakeview Camp Field Trip

from Ron Clark's The End of Molasses Classes

Chapter 9 -- Make it happen. Don't give excuses; find solutions!

Please know your children have been well prepared for success on the STAAR tests! Mr. Roos and Ms. Miller have worked tirelessly with your children to get them ready. They have been MAKING IT HAPPEN!