Can We Auto-Correct humanity?

People often would rather text someone or talk with them over the phone instead of going out to hang out with them. The problem is that the phone is so addicting to people because all the likes they have on their post make them feel good about themselves when they don't realize that having a real life fun experience with people is so much more enjoyable. a way to fix this issue would be to turn your phone off while you are hanging out with your friends. This would stop you from receiving those alerts that distract you from what's happening in the first place. This addiction to technology is very unhealthy because while you think you are gaining "popularity" you are actually just losing social skills. You wont even be able to have a full fledged conversation with someone because you are so used to using text language like "lol" or "omg" or "smh". The addiction is strong but if we all worked together, it would be very easy to break. We could do things like plan friend and or family trips to places like an amusement park or a shopping trip to the mall. this way you would be with your friends and be way more connected then if you were just "with" them online. Technology isn't a bad thing by itself. Its actually great and helps us in many ways. The only problem is the way us humans use it. If we could limit the number of hours per day we use our phones, then it could once again become the great tool that it was built and meant to be.

Media Literacy Reflection

My thoughts about media literacy have changed a lot. I now realize that to be media literate, is to be able to understand and analyze media articles. It takes critical thinking skills to really break articles down to the bone and find their true meaning. It also takes some sort of understanding of the article from previous logic. From this class I learned a lot about the government and how they exploit our secrets for their own personal usage without the consent of the people. I also learned a lot about the 5th of November and what it means to the British people. I also learned about how advertising is projected to us at a young age and how it can affect our lifestyle and our choices. This class was a lot different from my other language art classes because we learned a lot of history while learning language arts. Also, the historical fiction that we learned was very interesting to me.

Superbowl Precis

The Superbowl commercial by Heinz in the (2014) Superbowl imply's that using a bottle of Heinz ketchup will connect you with your friends and family. The add develops this idea by showing people having a good time hanging out with their friends and family. The authors purpose is try try to convince the people seeing the add that Heinz ketchup si equal to your happiness. The targeted audience is adults because they would remember the name Heinz when they are shopping