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September 16, 2016

Trip on Friday

Please make sure your child has a snack that is small, easy to eat, and in a disposable container. We will leave our bag lunches at school and eat our snacks on the trip while we wait for our turn for the tour or for the bus to return. Remember to make sure your child has a bag lunch if he or she didn't buy from the cafeteria. It will be closed when we return so no additional things may be purchased. If you will be volunteering, please check your child's Friday folder for important information regarding where to park and expectations for the trip.

International Dot Day

Take a look at what we made. Please ask your child about the book The Dot. Ask them what they liked about the book or the day. We will continue to do some creative things next week with the work that we created. Check out our webpage for more highlights.
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Talk Like a Pirate - This Monday - September 19, 2016

The students really seemed to like International Dot Day. Although this isn't something sponsored by our school, I thought your family might what to participate. I know mine will be! Krispy Kreme will be giving away free donuts if you talk like a pirate or get a dozen by dressing like a pirate (no weapons). You can find details for this even on their facebook page.

This Week

Reading: Students will receive a new set of words this week. Please check out our webpage for a list of these words. Students will continue to read Flush in order to make inferences and begin to compare characters. Students will analyze how characters respond to challenges in order to make judgments about what he or she may do in another situation. Students will take a quick comprehension check on Wednesday or when we complete chapter 7. Please make sure your child is reading along at home and making notes to track their thinking. Homework about 1-2 times a week will be to read Flush instead of his/her own free choice book. Students will also look at their character slides and make improvements in order to better their grades.

Writing: Students will complete the final revisions of his or her draft. They will peer review another students and make changes that they feel need to be made. Our lessons will be focused on final edits so that students can turn in their final papers by 9/26/2016.

Math: Students will continue to work on adding and subtracting decimals. Students will be exposed to using place value blocks, the number line, and the standard algorithm. Students will take their unit test on adding and subtracting decimals on Thursday, September 22. Students will have their math benchmark on Tuesday, September 27th.

Social Studies: Students will completed one final activity about supply and demand before reviewing for a quiz. Students will then work on USA Weekly 3 which we haven't have time for this week. Students will be able to work together to take a quiz about the economy unit. Students will be quizzed individually next week on locating and naming the continents and oceans.

Science: Students will be assigned a group to complete a body systems project with. Details to this project will be posted on google classroom. Students will create a model of the lungs and discuss the main organs of the digestive system. Science Benchmark test will take place on September 29th. Please encourage your child to study daily.

Vocabulary for the Week:

ELA (English Language Arts)









Place Value




Circulatory System

Respiratory System

Digestive System










Socials Studies




Reading Benchmark

We will have a reading benchmark but it will most likely be given to students during daily 5 rounds so that they can complete it over multiple days. We are still deciding as a team. If we decide to give it on a particular day, I will send out a mass e-mail.

School News

Free/Reduced Lunch

Just a reminder to all parents that the free/reduced lunch qualifications resets for the new school year on October 2, 2016. Please fill out your forms and return them ASAP. We are year around so we get it early :). Thanks!!!
Ruby Arthury, Cafeteria Manager

NC State Fair

Support your local school by purchasing your online admission tickets through the WCPSS Etix page. With your purchase, your school will receive $2 for each adult admission ticket you purchase, and $1 for each child ticket you purchase. The HSES School Code is 447. Click HERE to purchase your tickets.

Important Dates

September 21 - Wear White for Responsibility/Chapter 1-7 Comprehension Quiz for Flush

September 22 - Adding and Subtrating Decimals Unit Test

September 23 - Capitol Field Trip/Make-up Pictures

September 26 - Final Paper of Memoir Due

September 27 - Quarter 1 Math Benchmark

September 29 - Quarter 1 Science Benchmark

September 30 - Early Release / School Colors (Spirit Day)/ Report Cards Released (End of Quarter 1)

October 2 - Free/Reduced Lunch Resets for New School Year