North Korea Shoots Medium Missile

North Korea recently launched a ballistic missile into a sea


S - Missiles of war

O - North Korea tested missiles

A - World war leaders

P - Intimidation

S - North Korea has test launched two missiles, which spark protests by Japan and others

Tone - Intense


Anonymity - being anonymous

Ballistic - relating to projectiles

Blacklist - a list of disapproved people

Preemptive - an attack to defend

Provoke - to stimulate a response

WOW Statement

Threats and ballistic missile testing in North Korea has sparked some unrest in the entire world. If Korea is truly able to carry out its threats, then much of the world is in danger.

While Korea is playing this as a "preemptive strike", I believe that they would use this system for more than so. New reports have come out that Korea is able to target Texas, but if they were to that would provoke rain of hell-fire upon them from the United States Armed Forces. I feel safe.