West Nile Virus

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West Nile virus is a deadly disease that has killed many. West Nile virus kills about 762 people a year. This is around the world in Africa, Europe, and USA.


West Nile virus started in Uganda Africa were it infected people and animals. In New York 1999 it traveled beyond it's borders of Africa to Russia and the USA. IN 1999 the number of dead birds raised at an extremely high rate. The tip of bird that was dying the most was the crow. Ward Stone was getting sent hundreds of these birds to test. at first the thought that they were poisoned, then lead poisoning, then maybe it was something they ate, but they tested negative for all. he then came to the conclusion that this was a new virus so he sent some of the tissue to Brox zoo and the Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, Iowa. the scientist at Brox zoo discovered that what ever killed the birds had spread to the exotic birds at the zoo. The Cormorant (a tip of water bird) spent an hour swimming in circles, and the bald eagle had tremors. The illness had killed the Cormorant, 2 Chilean flamingos, and an Asian pheasant. the veterinary pathologist (a doctor how studies diseases in animals) dissected the dead birds and found that they had encephalitis and myocaditis (another name for West Nile virus). In Rock island horses were starting to get sick on collapsed and thrashing in the field. Another walked with it's head on the fence as if it were trying to keep it's balance, and then another tripped over it's own hind leg. Reports of these same behavior where being reported in Northern Queens, New York were a doctor found 2 patience with encephalitis. In 2002 a big outbreak happened in Southeastern Louisiana and it was caused by a killer it was invisible and traveled inside a human, animal, or an insect. It was in 38 of the 50 states and was suspected to kill 188 people by the end of the year 7 were already dead.
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The first outbreak was in 1937 in the Uganda village of Omego. The next outbreak was in 1940 in Africa, then in 1950 in Isrial, then another in 1962 in France, then again in 1974 in South Africa and that on e killed a lot of people. Then in the 1990's there was a lot like in 1996 in Romania, then in 1999 in USA, New York, in July and October in Russia. There was a few cases in 2001 and 2002 like in Autumn in 2001, and in 2002 in Texas, and late summer and fall


To prevent West Nile virus is pretty easy you ware bug spray, when you go outside and protection like clothing jackets also don't spend to long outside. This applies more to people in Africa but sleep with mosquito netting.

Similar deseases

Some other versions for West Nile virus are West Nile fever, West Nile encephalitis of meningitis, or sleeping sickness. Some similar diseases are any mosquito born illness, Japanese encephalitis, and St. Louis encephalitis virus.


It is in a lot of places like hot zones, the Nile River in Egypt, Africa, parts of Asia, the middle east, USA Midwest, and southern states, Uganda, Romania.

when it shows up

It shows up mostly in the warm season, in the USA between July- October, also early morning. It's most common in Texas.

Causes and transmitted

It is transmitted by mosquitoes to a person or animal to other people or animals.


The organs systems it affects is the nurses system.


The systems ate fever, headache, body aches, fatigue, back pain, skin rash (occasionally), swollen lymph glands (occasionally), eye pain (occasionally). There are also very dad systems like high fever, severe headache, stiff neck, disorientation or confusion, stupor or coma, tremor or muscle jerking, lack of coordination, convulsion, pain, paralysis or sudden muscle weakness,


This is very surprising most people don't need treatment.

Risk Factors

If you are outside a lot you are more likely to get infected and if you are infected your chances of getting sick are very small. Adults older than so and children under is have a higher chance of getting sick.


Less than 1% of people get sick. 26 deaths scene August 2014. 693 infections. In 2012 286 people died. It tacks 3-4 days to show symptoms. There is a 1-150 chance of getting sick, also it is a victor-born-illness.


In 1943 animal experts confirmed that mosquito caused West Nile virus. In 1940 people where afraid to go outside because they thought it was so deadly. There has been a large amount of outbreaks scene 1990's


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