How Do I Choose A Good University?

By: Laasya Madana and Joshua Moikeha


Hi! We are here to help you learn some of the most important factors for choosing the correct engineering college. There are so many colleges that it might seem a little overwhelming at first, but using the following factors will help narrow them down to a good few!

Some Good Universities:

Can You Afford The College?

One of the most important factors is whether you will be able to afford the college you have chosen. Even getting a scholarship doesn't cover all the costs for college, there are travel costs, lodging costs and much more. Figuring out your financial stability and choosing a college that fits that is very important.

Will You Get Accepted?

Settling on a college that may not accept you is not the greatest idea. For example, if you only hold the expectations of UT Dallas then getting into Stanford might be a little far-fetched. So when choosing a good engineering college make sure to look at your accomplishments and whether you have enough to get into that college.

Is the Location Safe and Desired?

The next factor is the location of the college. You have to make sure the location of you college is safe and in place where you would like. For instance, if you plan to stay in Texas, then don't choose a college out of the country.

Is Your College Favorably Rated?

Another important factor is whether the college you are leaning towards has good ratings. Choosing a college with good rating from former students will ensure that you will get the education you need. Low rated colleges may not provide with a sufficient amount of education to get you into the job you may want.

What is Your Passion?

Choosing a passion in Engineering is of paramount importance. Choose a path you want to go into in Engineering so you can look at what colleges offer the education needed for that. For example, if you want to study mechanical engineering and Stanford does not have that, then your choices for college has been narrowed down. So, now your are guaranteed that the college you choose will help you study in that field particularly.