BY: Elizabeth sparrow and Drew Bateman

all about judaism

The followers of judaism are called jews. The jews god is called adonai. The common figure is abraham. They believe in the ten commandments. Their sacraments include to fast, which means not to drink or eat anything for a day. They worship in a synagogue. their worship leader is called a rabbi and he leads through prayer. Their holy book is called a tenakh. It is wrotten in hebrew and is like the holy bible but without the new testiment. One of the holy days is called yom kippur and celebrates the day of atonement. It is like saying sorry and to make up fights and bad decisions. They also fast. They also celebrate Rosh shanana. During that holiday, they eat apples and honey to represent the next year will be sweet. The holiday celebrates the new year. There is also someone who blows a horn in the morning. It is like a wake up call for the people. Their holiest city is Jerusalem for their sacred city of the prophets.