Technology Class

An end of semester review By: Kessler Cook


We started iMovie (app) by doing a how-to project. Our main goal was to produce a video that someone could watch and learn to do the subject. It was a fun experience and a very easy to learn program. one of the nicer features was the importing visual aid from our photo library. another feature was the music it comes preloaded with 8 songs or you can add your own. All in all I say that iMovie is awesome.


This is a two for one deal because iTrailer comes with iMovie for this we had to make a trailer for our how-to project. iTrailer uses 14 templates. Each template uses their own music and theme. iTrailer was quicker faster and easier to learn part o that was the fact that presentations were limited to only about one minute long. All in All I would say that iTrailer is just a quicker iMovie.(Still awesome)

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another ios app. Haiku deck takes google docs and Microsoft power point and turns it into one app. this app has pretty much everything you need to make a presentation without having to import pictures. When I say this I mean the pictures are loaded from google right into the application it also has template options not unlike iMovie. All in all I would say that this is a great app although it might take a little while to learn it's still fun.

Explain Everything

Explain Everything is the last ios app that will be talked about. Explain Everything is exactly what the title says, it helps you explain how to do things. This app includes a presentation mode where you can record what you do. With that mode comes a laser pointer which helps point things out. It's easy to make a presentation and comes with an extensive choice of tools. All in all i would say explain everything is definitely fun and easy to learn.

Go Animate

Go Animate is a program where you get to animate characters. In Go animate you can make characters talk by changing the voice and typing what you would like them to say. Like most apps, Go Animate comes with templates even though its a computer program. You can make characters move by dragging them. All in all I think