Supporting Students in the FNSBSD

US Government Grants

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The Department of Education Activity (DoDEA) has awarded the STEALTH Sciences grant, $750,000, for FY 21-26! DODEA grant funds will launch the STEALTH Sciences project, to build new, and expand existing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math, plus Health Science - CTE learning opportunities for the 4th - 8th grade students for the following target schools...
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YEAR 1: Stealth Sciences Planning Year Requirements

  • Hire a Project Director
  • PR campaign at district and schools
  • Create a Stealth Sciences webpage
  • Collect baseline data
  • Survey staff and students on STEAM interests
  • Create a school engagement platform
  • Cultivate community partnerships for STEAM and CTE engagements: Military Installations, UAF, Foundation Health, etc.
  • Hold Professional Learning Sessions to identify STEAM gaps and create a plan
  • Coordinate PD for train-the-trainer to attend the Alaska Cross Content Conference in Juneau (October)
  • Calendar upcoming Stealth Sciences Family Nights

Stealth Science Logo Contest

Ben Eielson Junior High and North Pole Middle School students will have the opportunity to participate in the Stealth Science Logo Contest. The winning logo will be used on the Stealth Science website and publicity materials. The contest deadline is February 26, 2022 at 3 pm. The winner will be able to use the recognition on his/her resume and scholarship applications!
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The DoD STEMKAMP grant, $230,000, for FY 21-23, providing hands-on STEM learning activities, including:

  • Recycling
  • Effect of pollution on the water supply
  • Supporting succession through forest preserves
  • Eight (8) scientists hosted STEM micro-learning activities at a field trip to Chena River Lakes Flood Control Project
  • One hundred and twenty-five (125) students kids participated in STEMKAMP.

The 2022 STEMKAMP curriculum this year will be "New Frontiers in Space!" Students will get to plan and explore ways we can thrive on a new planet through fun-filled hands-on STEM activities! The STEMKAMP will be held July 25th-29th.

Point of Contact: Sheena Cummings,
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DODEA Developing Innovative Personalized Learning Opportunities Maximizing the Achievement of Students (DIPLOMAS) grant, $1,000,000, for FY 17-22.

One thousand, three hundred fifty-two (1,352) Chromebooks have been purchased for Ben Eielson Jr/Sr High, Lathrop High, North Pole High, North Pole Middle, and Tanana Middle to support a 1:1 student/device ratio. There are DIPLOMA Student Learning Coaches in these schools that are provided to assist military connected students in the areas of Math, English, and attendance to prepare them to be College and Career Ready.

Point of Contact: Heather Fleck,

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DoDEA Step Up to STEM Grant

The school district has been awarded a 5-year grant, $999,997, FY 18-23. Step Up to STEM's main purpose is to enrich the STEM curriculum for 4th-8th graders and their teachers at three target schools (Ladd Elementary, Arctic Light Elementary, and Tanana Middle School) through:

  • creating a database of STEM field trips and guest speakers
  • implementing STEM summer camps for 300 students a summer
  • creating before and after school STEMtastic clubs
  • facilitating/teaching professional development in STEM areas for staff
  • creating makerspaces/STEM labs
  • developing local STEM partnerships with businesses, nonprofit agencies, military units, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks

Point of Contact: Sarah Robinson,

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National Math & Science Institute (NMSI) Grant

NSMI grant, $199,110, for FY 20-22, provides teacher trainings to North Pole High and Ben Eielson High School!

Professional Development
Educators are enhancing content knowledge and pedological skills, and developing leadership practices in and out of the classroom.

Curriculum Supports
NMSI gives classroom teachers planning and assessment resources, as well as culturally responsive classroom lessons and supplies to engage students in their learning.

Teacher Villages
NMSI's Teacher Villages provide private forums to collaborate, problem-solve and network with like-minded educators across the country with access to expert coaches who manage the groups.

National Math & Science Institute (NMSI) grant is a project funded by NSMI and DoD STEM.

STARTALK Language grant

STARTALK’s mission is to increase the number of U.S. citizens learning, speaking, and teaching critical-need foreign languages, with programs for students (K-16) and teachers at Arctic Light Elem. K-8, Ladd K-8, Tanana Middle 6-8, and Ryan Middle 6-8.

STARTALK grant, $283,670, for FY 21-23, to provide language training programs for teachers and students to meet future national security challenges and contribute to language workforce development for the Federal Government.

STARTALK is a project funded by the National Security Agency and administered by the National Foreign Language Center at the University of Maryland.