Watch out for Malaria!!!

It's a horrible disease.

Malaria symptoms and causes.

Syptoms of malaria include fever,chills,headaches,excessive sweat,fatigue,naseua and vomiting.Usually people get malaria by a mosquito that carries the disease,it then tranfers the disease when bites you.

Where malaria is located?

In the hot and humid places.

Malaria is mostly found in hot and humid places such as India,AfricaThe World Health Organization (WHO) reports that about 243 million people became seriously ill from Malaria in 2008, and almost a million people,Brazil, and japan.It is said that people in Africa are most likely to get malaria by camping out without any bug repelent
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Treatment for malaria.

Treatment of malaria depends on many factors including disease severity, the species of malaria parasite causing the infection and the part of the world in which the infection was acquired. The latter 2 characteristics help determine the probability that the organism is resistant to certain antimalarial drugs. Additional factors such as age, weight, and pregnancy status may limit the available options for malaria treatment.
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