Week 8: Adobe Spark VIDEO

EDCI318 Tech for Teaching & Learning-Spring 2018

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Everything should be getting easier by now....

We have been practicing each week, adding pages to our weebly, tweeting, adding images and links, adding to pinterest, adding to Padlet, etc, we are doing it over and over, again & again!!

  1. REMEMBER: a new page (subpage) for each assignment we do.
  2. We are in Week 8, so working on your website should be easy.
  3. Don't forget to TWEET using the class hashtag #edci318 and whatever else is listed in the assignment.
  4. Beginning Week 7 (last week), if you lost points for not tweeting, you won't be able to fix and earn them back, so don't forget to add the social media icons and Tweet.
  5. Make sure you always.......link to everything you discuss.........include images, at least one, but more is better..........include links to your social media on every page of your website (Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube).........when discussing an app, always include the app icon and link to where to get the app..........when discussing a teacher, link to their site and to their twitter
  • Keep adding to your Pinterest, by the end of Week 8 you should have over 115 pins by now.

Grading Breakdown for the Adobe Spark VIDEO assignment

  • 60 points: Complete Lesson project is saved and uploaded to YOUTUBE and added to your Weebly subpage and PLAYS.
  • 20 points: for Tweeting your post with the hashtags #edci318, #sparkvideo
  • 20 points-Add to the Padlet Wall https://padlet.com/ded318/sparkpagespring18
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Adobe Spark VIDEO also works on your computer from your Browser, click the link below

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TEACH A LESSON with your Adobe Spark VIDEO assignment

  1. Choose a topic to teach........as always, it must be appropriate for use in your classroom. Teach something and think like a teacher.
  2. BONUS Choice: You may create your Spark VIDEO using same topic you did for your Spark PAGE last week if you wish OR you may choose a new topic. That should make things a bit easier. You have already done the research and have most of the information gathered from last week's project, although you may need to gather a bit more information since this project include narriation, images and maybe even shoot some video.
  3. You ABSOLUTELY want to improve on what you did last week and this will include your voice narration.
  4. Spark Videos may contain little bits of TEXT unlike Spark Page, which can contain unlimited text, but Video contains your voice narration.
  5. The power is in adding your voice to each slide. Yes, you must add your voice to each slide.
  6. Assume this is a Full Lesson you have to teach and you have a child who is critically ill and cannot come to school. You want to be sure that child gets the same information as your students who are in attendance each day, including hearing your voice.
  7. Your Voice MUST on each and slide.
  8. You may use some music if you want, just make sure the music does not fight and overpower your voice. What you are saying is most important. So make you you adjust the volume level of music.
  9. It is better to have MORE slides and not talk too long on each. Nobody wantts to stare at the same picture for more that 10+ seconds on average.
  10. Like the Adobe Spark PAGE, be thorough, this needs to include not less than fifteen (15 slides) and likely will be many more for a complete lesson. Don't put too much information on each slide and don't talk too long on each slide, it is boring to stare at the same picture for very long.

    HINT: TOP TEN SLIDE TIPs: http://www.garrreynolds.com/preso-tips/design

  11. Make sure it is a complete lesson. What do you need to teach your class today? Could a SUBSTITUTE teacher complete your lesson from this project. Could that sick kid understand what you are teaching and get the same lesson the kids the class received?

Assignment Requirements con't

  1. This project will include
  • Required: images & icons
  • Required: text
  • Optional: now you can even add a video that is saved to your photos to the slides
  • Required: your voice.
        1. Save your Spark Video to PHOTOS on your iPad, it will say... save to camera roll.
        2. After your video is saved to your photos, add your video to YOUTUBE
          This is the same process you did for the iMovie Trailer a couple weeks ago.
        3. Make sure your video on Youtube is Unlisted or Public.
        4. Grab the Youtube URL to add your project to your Weebly site on a sub-page under projects called Adobe Spark VIDEO, after publishing, add that subpage URL to Canvas for grading.
        5. Add your social media icon accounts to every page of your site. When you add a new page/subpage, add your social icons, make sure you turn the account on and add account information so they actually work. This is how I check your Tweets. If there is no Twitter icon or it does not work, I cannot check your TWEET and lose points you cannot get back.
        6. Tweet using our class hashtag #edci318 and the hashtag spark videos #sparkvideo.

        7. PADLET: Add your Video to the padlet, just like last week, using the Youtube URL https://padlet.com/ded318/sparkvideospring2018
          Add the Youtube URL from your Spark VIDEO project to our Padlet.
        8. Please make sure the first line is the title of your project, hit return,
        9. The second line is your first & last name. If you add it using the Padlet app and are logged into the Padlet app, it automatically puts your name on the project.
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        On your COMPUTER


        ON YOUR IPAD


        ON YOUR IPAD


        Last Week it was announced that if you lose points for not tweeting, you won't be able to fix and earn the points back, so don't forget. By week 8, you should be able to Tweet successfully for each assignment.

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        Title your Project with your Topic, then put your First & Last name on the second line were it says write smething

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