~The True Benefits of Rainforest's~

Find out the real importance of our Earth's rainforest's

What is a Rainforest?

Forests that grow in constantly wet conditions are called rainforests. They can occur wherever the annual rainfall is more than 1300 millimetres and spread throughout the year. While tropical rainforests are the most well known, there are also others.


Why are rainforests hot?

The sun's rays that reach the Earth near the Equator have a smaller area of the Earth and atmosphere to heat than rays reaching the Earth at higher latitudes. It is therefore hotter at the Equator than at higher latitudes. (This is explained in more detail ‘Why are deserts so hot and dry?’ You should refer to this now.) Tropical rainforests do not have the very high maximum temperatures that deserts record because they are covered with lots of cloud, which reflects some of the sun's rays during the day. But rainforests are generally warmer at night, because the cloud cover and high humidity help to keep the heat in. Tropical rainforests have a hot climate right throughout the year with no summer or winter.

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Why are rainforests wet?

High precipitation around the Equator is mainly due to convectional rainfall and is often associated with thunderstorms. Convectional rainfall occurs when warm, moist air is heated when it moves over a hot surface on Earth. As the air is heated it expands and becomes lighter than the surrounding air. This causes it to rise. If the air continues to rise, condensation and precipitation occur.

The most widespread form of convectional rainfall is the thunderstorm. The clouds that are associated with thunderstorms are called cumulonimbus clouds. Thunderstorms are most likely to occur in rainforests during the afternoon, but can occur at any time.

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Rainforests and their nutrient cycles

All humans need carbohydrates to grow. But they also need nutrients, such as vitamins, to ensure they are healthy. Plants also need nutrients.

The rainforest depends on the recycling of nutrients for its existence. Leaves, flowers and animals die and fall onto the soil. They decompose and the decomposed material is reused by plants.

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Paige Verheyden

Listening Earth

Rainforest sounds near Mission Beach, Queensland by Listening Earth
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