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EMERGENCY UPDATE - 24 September 2014

Lightspeed Update Coming Tomorrow

Distilled Information:

Tomorrow we are going to deploy an update to the Lightspeed Filter that we hope will fix many of the problems we have been having with Google, especially at home. In order to receive this update students will need to reboot their netbook and allow the update process to run. The netbook may reboot itself between 2 and 10 times - do not interrupt the process by forcing a reboot. This will corrupt the installation and force a tech to have to fix it taking the netbook out of commission for a while. Below are the technical details from downtown in case you are interested. I wanted to make sure you were aware of this situation.

Direct Information From Chris Hornbeck, Network Systems Administrator:

"I’m sure everyone is aware of the problems were experiencing with Google, mostly at home. I’ve worked with Lightspeed on some of these issues and we’ve found that the older version of the Mobile Filter (5.0.8) on the Dell devices may be causing a majority of the issues we are seeing.

Lightspeed has suggested that we upgrade these devices to 6.0.8. We’ve tested upgrading to 6.0.8 in our test environment and have seen good results. Before upgrading, we were able to consistently get Google to not work normally when connected through an external network. After upgrading, Google was more responsive.

The bad news with the upgrade is that it requires uninstalling the old software and rebooting. Also, the commands to remove the software don’t seem to work every time like expected, so the process of pushing this out is going to be a little painful.

I’ve got policy created to remove, reboot, and install the new software as a startup script, so it requires a reboot. Once the systems have booted, after a minute or so, the script will force the systems to reboot once again. If the scripts continues to see the old installation, it will retry removing it and reboot again. Whenever the old installation has been removed, the new software will be installed on the next boot. The problem is, the command doesn’t work correctly every time, so I’ve seen systems reboot up to 3-4 times before it’s removed. But once it does, it works and I’ve see 100% success so far during testing. We’ve piloted this at NTI, Thompkins, AIS and Washington. So far, so good.

I’m going to set a date when I’m going to deploy this to all 2120s. You will all need to let your teachers/principal’s know that after this day, they should reboot at some point and just let them cycle through rebooting. Some may only need to reboot once, some might do it a few times."

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