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Never too old to start sports

Never too old to start sports
You're never too old to start sport: even people who are just starting to exercise, later in life, to considerable advantage.

According to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine who followed more than 3,500 people with an average age of 64 years for 8 years
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They were divided into four groups according to their level of physical activity: inactive (no moderate or intense activity per week), moderately active (at least once a week moderate activity) and very active (at least once a week intense activity).

Changes in physical activity were recorded every two years. 70% of participants remained active, 10% were active, the rest remained inactive or became inactive.

After 8 years 4 participants at ten one or another chronic health problem had, one in five was depressed, a third had some form of restriction of movement and one in five had cognitive problems. One in five was regarded as healthy.

Who was moderately to intensely physically active at least once a week, had three to four times more likely to be inactive than those who were healthy. Who had always been active, had up to seven times more likely to be healthy. Old Who was only active at a later age, had up to three times more likely to be compared with the inactive healthy. Old