Figure Skating

Winter Olympics

What is Figure Skating?

One of the events in the Winter Olympics is Figure Skating. Figure Skating is a competitive sport of ice skating in patterns. One figure skater to focus on is a first time Olympian Gracie Gold. She's so good on the ice, always does her best to impress.

It is very entertaining to watch. Both genders separate and or together compete. I'm very impressed by how the couples compete, so many impressive moves. Learn more here.


How is it scored? You ask, the 6.0 system. Also check out this technical panel.

Ice Ice Baby

Figure skating was said to be the first winter sport In Olympics 1908.The history is very interesting. Read more here.

Gracie Gold

What you are about to read are interviews about Gracie's performance on Sunday as a team. It was outstanding and Gracie led the team to bronze here.Learn more.



Olympic Short Program These are the results from skating. See how the skaters did.

Road to sochi

Please enjoy this video of Gracie Gold. Very interesting.
Gracie Gold | My Sochi Story

Have you wondered?

Have you said to yourself, How did someone get to where they are. In this case I'm dealing with the Olympics. Before going to the Olympics you have to put in hard work. Read more about it here.

Check out Gracie Juggling

Gracie Gold Juggles - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno

More about the competition

Enjoy this article about Gracie Gold's performance and Team U.S.A.

More Gold!

Gracie has a sister! I'm not saying she a gold digger, but I'm a gold digger. ;)

Meet Gracie Gold

She's a hot 18 year old Olympian that melts the ice when she skates. ;)
Meet Team USA: Gracie Gold


Ever wonder how well of a figure skater she is? Click me