Coding 3

MP3 Week 9: Logic Gates Continued

This Week Mission

Mission #1: Be prepared for chat!
  • Please come to chat prepared to work together in Scratch!
Mission #2: Explore
  • Read through the logic gate examples below!
*There were incorrect logic gate examples in last week's posted lesson, so please use the examples below to create your logic gate description!
Mission #3: Click on the Logic Gates Activity
  • Choose 1 Logic Gate to describe (or more if you want )
Mission #4: Think
  • Start thinking of a story you could create in Scratch that explains one (or more if you want) Logic Gate. Next week, your assignment will be to create your own Logic Gate story in Scratch!
Mission #5: Watch
  • Watch the Minecraft Red Stone video on Logic Gates!

Example (You need to only describe 1 Logic Gate!)

Big image

BrainPop Login Info

Username: leadership

Password: virtual09

Click Here: Logic Gates Activity: Graphic Organizer

Click on "Graphic Organizer", login, then click the "Graphic Organizer" tab. You can type directly on the page, or print it out and write.

Choose 1 Logic Gate Example & Then Describe It

Using the Graphic Orgainzer!

Use The Examples Below to Help You!

Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Big image
Logic Gates Explained Using Minecraft Redstones

In minecraft you can use red stones as a power source and guess what? They run on logic gates! So, even if you don't play minecraft, this is a good explanation of those logic gates we've been talking about. Check it out!

See you in cyberspace!