Genetically Modified Organisms

Necessary for Life!

GMOs are Better to Eat!

GMOs are the providers of a large amount of food in our world today. The use of GMOs provide safer food for all of mankind. They contain less fat content and more nutritional content, and are safer from fungal toxins than traditionally grown food. They also have a longer shelf life, preserving freshness for longer.

No Bugs or Weeds!

GMOs utilize herbicides and pesticides to kill any weeds or pests that come near the plants. This does not affect the plants as they are genetically altered to have resistance to herbicides and pesticides. Traditional farming does not use neither chemicals nor genetically altered seeds, keeping crops more prone to weeds and pests. The use of chemicals and genetically altered seeds in GMOs makes them safer to eat, with no interference of bugs of weeds, and will keep you therefore healthier.

Reduces World Hunger!

The use of GMOs has saved many countries from starvation. Countries like India, which were suffering from mass starvation, recovered with the use of GMOs diffused to those countries. Today, due to the use of GMOs during the Green Revolution, India is one of the world's largest exporters of rice. Traditional farming is not as efficient a technique of feeding people as is the use of GMOs.. The use of GMOs can feed more people in a more efficient way, feeding them healthier, more nutritious food. Thus, it can also reduce world hunger. Without GMOs, feeding people around the world would be much more difficult.