My Digital Presence

Digital Footprint

"The New Generation"

In this generation we have lots of devices. On these devices we can talk to our friends and family. When you delete all the text messages or photos that you post online, you think it got delete like gone forever but actually it does not. It goes in a folder of your that has all the information about you and what you have done on the internet.

The Folders

Right when you are born the people in the hospital make a new folder that has your name on it.The things that will be in it are gender, weight, time you were born, and birth date so that would start off your digital footprint. Also when you are born then your parents are so excited that they send messages to friends and family which would go into their folder. As you grow your folder grows too and every time you grow then you will get more interested in different types of social media. Which would add on to your folder. This idea all starts over when you have a kid.