Music Room Beat

From Miss Richmond's Desk...

A Quick Update...

I just wanted to quickly update you on things happening in the Elementary Music Room.

For starters, I would simply like to say what an amazing job your students did with the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade performance of Squirm. They worked incredibly hard, and Mr. Frazier and I could not have been prouder of them. I would also like to thank you parents for your involvement with the program. If it had not been for your help getting costumes ready, helping your student memorize his or her lines, or learning the songs, the performance would not have been as great as it was. Thank you for all your help and support of your students' music studies. Also, I'd like to say thank you again to your students' teachers and Principal Teague. If it had not been for their help, hard work, and time, the show would not have flowed as smoothly. Thank you to all you parents, teachers, faculty, and Squirm program helpers. Mr. Frazier and I greatly appreciate all you did for us.

The kindergartners and the 6th graders have been working really on preparing their musical program for you all. Their program is called "How the Penguins saved Christmas", and it is sure to be a huge hit. Your students are working really hard to learn their songs and to make the performance in December a success. Mr. Frazier and I are excited to see this program come together, as we work on it together and with the students. We hope that you will come see the performance when it is time.

Students in Grades 1-5 have been learning about Musical Theatre. Mr. Frazier and I were extremely excited to see just how many of our students have been to some form of theatre. The students have greatly enjoyed learning and asking different questions about musicals. Feel free to ask them about Musicals, as I am sure they have a wealth of knowledge to share with you about the differences between Musicals and Plays, or why settings and costumes are so important to Musicals.

I have thoroughly enjoyed your students these past four months and am very grateful that I have gotten to know each of them. It's been a true privilege to be a part of their education thus far and I look forward to these next few weeks.

May the rest of your week be filled with wonderful music.


Miss Leah Richmond, Student Music Teacher

"Without music, life is a journey through the desert." ~ Pat Conroy