by sofia frantzen

Math About Me Project

1. I have a dog and a cat, so if i added 18 to the cat and 21 to the dog, then multiplied by 7, how many pets would i have???

Fibonacci Problem

I love fibonacci, so i included a link so you can figure out my 2nd problem. (the link is above.)

My friend's bunny had 1 baby, and that bunny had 2 babies, and that baby 3 babies, and those 3 babies had 5 babies! Continue the fibonacci please.

Age Problem

I am 9 years old, but I sometimes say I'm 10. How old would I be in 11 years? Be sure to multiply by 9 AND 10!

Family Age Problem

My sister, Ella is 5, almost 6, my Mom is 39, and my Dad is 38, almost 39. How old would Ella, my Mom, and my Dad be when I turn 18? Rember to do them all!

Super Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have 4 people living in MY house, 4 grandparents, 4 aunts and uncles, and 4 cousins. If you add them all, divide by 2 and multiply by 23, how many siblings would i have?

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