Romeo and Juliet: Act 2 Scene 2

By Nathan Manley and Matthew Kerr

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Balcony Scene Summary

When the scene begins Romeo is roaming aimlessly around the Capulet orchard. Then he finds Juliet's balcony where he listens to her unveil her love for him. Juliet, not knowing he was there, keeps talking about how Romeo should forget his family and his name so Juliet and Romeo could be together.

Romeo then presents himself, and says that love allowed him to fly over the orchard walls. When warned that Romeo would be killed if he was found he said that the night would hide and protect him. he then goes on to say that he would change his name for Juliet if she truly wanted that.

Juliet asks Romeo to make vows of his love to her, so she can make sure his love is true. When he says he would swear to the moon she stops him and says to not swear by the moon because the moon is inconstant and ever changing.At this Juliet realizes the relation ship is going much too fast and says that Romeo and her should slow things down. Juliet says that she worries that the love is like lightning, that it will strike quickly but then leave just as it had came. However Juliet hopes that if their love is nurtured then their love could become a beautiful strong love.

The nurse then calls from inside the house and Juliet leaves promising to be back. When Juliet does come back she immediately proposes marriage knowing that would be the only way Romeo and Juliet could be together. She says this regardless of her telling Romeo to take it slow. Romeo agrees to the marriage and they plan to have the wedding the next morning at nine.

Romeo and Juliet then continue to talk because the Romeo was a bird she would pet the bird too much that the bird might be killed from too much love. Juliet then goes back into her room and Romeo wanders off to leave the Capulet orchard.

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Explanation of the Song

When Romeo finds out that Juliet loves him, she wants him to swear his love so she can know he is telling the truth about his love for her. This song shows this woman wanting to know this man loves her so she can't be hurt, just as Juliet is doing by asking for Romeo's promise of love. The plot of the scene focuses on the vows the two wish to make, so this song represents a major plot point of the scene.