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Stay away from Challenges Painting Aluminum and Vinyl Siding

Any individual with older aluminum siding is well aware of the paint chalking problem. Just rub your hand along the old siding as well as the chalky old paint are going to be all over your palm. Looking to get paint to stick to this could be a actual problem. This really is because of oxidation on the paint. Siding companies initially referred to this difficulty as a "benefit". They called it, "self cleaning", because the paint literally washed off the residence.

Older vinyl siding is also a problem. UV light fades vinyl siding over time along with the siding becomes pretty unsightly.

Quite a few unfortunate property owners and contractors have experienced the dismay, once they repainted their houses, only to seek out the new paint peeling off a number of months later. Both problems with older aluminum and vinyl siding might be overcome with right cleaning, surface preparation and re-painting.


You will need to rent a effective stress washer with at least 3000 psi. You might want a pressure washer highly effective sufficient to take away most of the old chalky paint off the aluminum siding or, to get rid of any dirt buildup on the old vinyl siding.

Commence at the prime course of siding and function your way down. You'll need to keep the pressure wand fairly close to the siding surface to proficiently get rid of the old paint. In some regions, you could possibly find that the paint comes off for the bare metal. Be careful near windows, corners, soffits and doorways. The water beneath pressure, might be forced behind these places causing harm. You could add TSP or other cleaning options for the reservoir for mildew, algae or other grime constructed up. In case you do use a cleaning remedy, be sure to completely rinse it off along with your stress washer. You'll want to enable your house to dry for various days in dry, sunny weather just before proceeding for the painting approach.

For anyone who is repainting vinyl siding or vinyl coated toronto eavestrough , you may require a surface de-glosser. This is a solvent variety solution utilised to get rid of any shine on the surface and to assist your initial coat to adhere greater. You will have no trouble finding a very good de-glosser at your nearby paint supply retailer.


I like a commercial variety airless sprayer. It's going to draw the paint directly out of the five gallon paint pails, through the hose and into your spray gun. These are accessible to rent at several tool rental locations and in some cases some paint provide shops that supply contractors. If your paint is real higher excellent latex, it will likely be thicker than typical latex paint and will need a additional strong airless sprayer.


This step is equally as critical as the step above. Really, the cleaning and surface preparation phases will make or break the outcomes of the project.

I like a latex paint additive known as emulsa-bond for the first coat. Emulsa-bond is usually a bonding agent you can add to the 1st coat of paint or primer, to assist it to bond towards the old siding.

I obtain the most beneficial grade exterior latex paint, as an alternative to oil or other solvent primarily based paint. Latex paint appears to help keep up using the expansion and contraction from the siding extremely effectively. The higher good quality latex paint I purchase desires no primer. I add the bonding agent directly in to the initial color coat. Check along with your paint supplier regardless of whether or not to use a primer. The rule of thumb is, when in doubt, use a primer. In case you use a primer, add the bonding agent into it just before applying. You'll find also bonding agents obtainable for oil or other solvent primarily based paints. One variety is named penetrol. These are ordinarily obtainable at a painting contractor provide store.

Several contractors will spot prime regions, in particular where bare metal is exposed. I don't like spot priming for the reason that it could lead to an uneven hunting top coat. When I put a primer coat on, I prime the complete dwelling. This provides a uniform surface finish later on.

Finish Coat

Your top rated coat are going to be colour only. You must verify together with your paint manufacturer to view if you will need a single or two top coats soon after the base coat. Like I described above, get the highest good quality exterior paint.

In Conclusion

Suitable cleaning and surface preparation would be the two most important ingredients to a effective painting job. A bonding agent in the 1st coat can also be quite important to prevent paint peeling off later on. Applying these techniques, I've re-painted properties that have lasted far longer than the original factory applied finish.


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