Recycle and Reduce

By. Trinity

Reduce the Amount of Energy Consumed

Freezers and Refrigerators

- Avoid keeping the refrigerator or freezer doors open too long

- Don't over crowd; allow air flow to use less energy

-When replacing large appliances, look for Energy Star appliance


-Plan meals to cook several foods at one time

-Avoid opening the oven. Use the oven light to avoid letting heat escape.

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Avoid running appliances and other energy usage at peak of consumption of the day.

Reduce The Amount of Water Used

- Repare leaky faucets

- Wash dishes by hand instead of dish washer

-Choose cooking methods that use less water in preparation

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- Choose recyclable products- Identify items and/or packaging that can be recycled, and then be sure to recycle them! Our land fills are full of recyclable products that were discard

- Select products made from recycled material- Look for recycled content whenever possible, including paper, glass, metal, plastic, and other items. Understand product labeling and know how to identify recycled products.