My History

By:Hannah Marecek

My Learning Styles

Math- I like to some times work in partners, small groups and even i like to work by my self at times.

Biology-i am good a it and i like to work in groups and partners.

English-i am good at it and i like to work by my self or small group

US History- i like to work in small groups

Ethnic/Cultural Background

I was born in Carson city MI, and i have lived in Michigan my whole life. I birthday is December 9th 1998. Im 14.

Bucket List

What i am good at!!

i think i am good at Cheer, gymnastics, meeting people.

Unique Facts About Me.

I have went to three middle schools. I have a Chihuahua his name is Tineyboy he's 9 years old. I was in gymnastics for 2-3 years and Competitive Cheer leading of 7-8 years it was so much fun and crazy. I have been in foster care for 9 month tomorrow and I moved from family placement to a foster home in Clare MI. Then June 11th 2013 I moved to Belding MI with my foster mom right now and we moved to Grand Rapids.


My FEARS are spiders, snakes. Public Speaking.

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