The Hunger Games

By: Shaylee Reed and Bryn Lang

The POV is !st Person

The reason we know its first person point of view is because Katniss on page 34 is telling us her thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

Summary of the book: The Hunger Games

In the story of The Hungers Games Katniss and her family's lives gets turned around when Katniss goes into the Hunger Games with the male tribute in district 12 Peeta. They then battle to the death because of President Snow who is thirsty for blood. Peeta and Katniss come out the only survivors in the games which is extremely rare. When they get home Katniss wants to forget everything that happened in the games but Peeta doesn't want to forget. But not knowing anything, Snow is planning something that will change Katniss and Peetas lives forever along with everyone they love and care about.

Characters in the book

Literary Devices

Metaphor- pg. 25 The sun was a searing blade on my skin.

Simile- pg.77 When I look back, the four adults are watching me like hawks.

Personification- pg. 52 I was washing up in a pond and i noticed the plants growing around me tall with leaves like arrowheads.

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What we think of the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is a very enjoyable and thrilling book. It is adventurous and exciting all throughout the book and movie. What we would tell you is watch out for Everdeen when she has a bow in her hand that girl knows how to shoot and doesn't miss often. We would recommend this book to kids ages 13 to 18.
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