Thomas Jefferson

Role in Writing the Declaration of Independence

Birth and Death Information

*Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell.

*Thomas Jefferson died in Charlottesville.

*Thomas Jefferson born and died in VA.

*Thomas Jefferson died July 4 and was born on April 13.

*Time Jefferson was born to the time he had died was 1743-1826

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*Jefferson wife was Martha Jefferson.

*Jefferson had five children they were Martha ,Mary, Lucy, Peter, and Jane.

*Jefferson was an outdoor person and his favorite thing to do outdoor when he was a kid is to go hiking.

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Education/Important Life Events

*Jefferson had went to college and studied 7 years at Williamsburg and got a degree.

*Jefferson's father placed him at a English school at 5 years of age and at a Latin school at 9 years of age.

*Jefferson bought the Louisiana purchase.

*Jefferson wrote the Declaration Of Independence.

*John Locke had a huge influence on Jefferson in many different ways.

*Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore.

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Accomplishments/Contributions To Change

*Jefferson's presidential term March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809.

*Jefferson had huge achievements ranged from founding and designing the university of Virginia.

*Jefferson has authorship of the Declaration Of Independence.

*Jefferson served as our country's third president.

*Jefferson bought parcel land in North America from France for $15 million.

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Interesting Facts

*Jefferson owned a plantation.

*Jefferson was a food lover.

*Jefferson was an architect, and a economist.

*Jefferson liked books.

*Jefferson was a republican.

*Jefferson was a musician.

*Jefferson was a astronomer.

*Jefferson was a writer.

*Jefferson was a economist.

*Jefferson was on the 2 dollar bill.

*Jefferson was also on the nickel.

*Jefferson liked wine.

*Jefferson was delegate to the second continental congress.

*Jefferson was governor of Virginia two times.

*Jefferson was a farmer.

*Jefferson designed and directed the building of the university of Virginia.

*Jefferson was a brilliant man with a restless mind: philosopher, inventor, student of nature, writer, architect.

*Jefferson dressed in a casual fashion perhaps to casual/informal manners.

*Jefferson Louisiana Purchase.

*Jefferson's buddy was John Locke.

*Jefferson 10,000 of his own book to the us library of congress.

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