Casa Italiana

Weekly Newsletter

Tuesday, February 26th, 6pm

"Simply Sicilian" Cooking Series with Tina Mogab & Bob Calcagno


Please look out for the announcement for our next cooking class in March!


-Shrimp frittata

-Fresh fettucine with tomato sauce

-Beef braciole

-Pear and gorgonzola salad with caramelized pecans


Wednesday, February 27th, 6pm

Cinema Vitti

La giusta distanza (The Right Distance) Carlo Mazzacurati, 2007

Mara and Hassan meet in a small town in the Po River Delta. Hassan is a mechanic originally from Tunisia, whom years of hard, honest work have earned respect in town and Mara is a young teacher, waiting to leave to work in Brazil. The two begin a relationship, but Hassan is not the only one in town interested in Mara.

After Mara turns up dead, Hassan is accused of her murder and the evidence stacks up against him. He kills himself, but not without leaving behind a suicide note proclaiming his innocence. Giovanni, a young reporter for the local paper both infatuated with Mara and a friend of Hassan's, sets out to find the true perpetrator of the crime.