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Friday, October 26, 2018


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We are only two lessons into Module 3. It has presented a challenge as kids have so much to remember! They have to keep area and perimeter straight, remember to include units and that area has square units, and automatically recall multiplication facts. A few kids are really fluent with their facts. Meaning, if I ask a fact they can immediately reply. Most kids can arrive at the answer after doing to some mental math or singing the facts in their heads. Our goal is automatic recall. Multi-digit multiplication and long division are tough processes to learn. It's even more challenging when kids don't know their basic multiplication facts. So, this week the kids took a 50 question fact quiz. They earn both a 1-minute and a 3-minute score. The 1-minute score is based on how many facts are answered correcting within the first minute up until they skip a problem or give an incorrect answer. For example, if a student misses the first problem, their 1-minute score is a 0%. The 3-minutes score is based on all correct answers within the three minutes. We have very little time to practice facts within our math block. PLEASE have your child practice at home. They can use old fashioned flash cards or websites. Contact me if you need materials. Check out the Module 3 information below.


Well, we're almost there. The first official assignment is due Monday. It's been a fun week editing and meeting with kids about their writing. I am learning so much about each student. PAWS #2 will come out Monday and be due Friday!

Longhouse Building

We are set to go for longhouse building on Halloween day! Kids are welcome to begin bringing in supplies starting Monday.

Halloween Party

The sign-up looks great! Thanks for your support.


I'm not sure if you know about BravesLink?!? It's a link that your kids can access from the Canandaigua Home Page. Once they log in, they can access their google drive, iReady, and other apps that they use regularly at school. Check out the google slide show below if your child needs help accessing at home.

Book Fair

The Primary-Elementary School will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair during the week of November 5th. I'll send the specific date in next week's newsletter.

Sneakers & Instruments

Kids will need to be prepared with sneakers for PE on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of the upcoming week. Instruments will need to come to school on Wednesday.